Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Rumor mill works overtime on Ricky Williams drug test

First of all, as the thehim kindly pointed out, I was dissing the wrong authority on Ricky's testing. What I know about football could fit in a thimble. I didn't know it was the NFL and not the specific teams that do the testing. That doesn't change my opinion that the whole witch hunt for marijuana use is a ridiculous waste of time and should not be a criteria for eligibility to play. For G-d's sake, we're talking about a game here, not brain surgery.

That being said, it appears there is still a lot of confusion around just what happened to Ricky. Since my original post, I've heard he simply missed a test because he was in India, then I heard he failed a test for some mystery drug that isn't a steroid but could be a prescription drug for his anxiety disorder. Or it could be something else. A lot of speculation among the football pundits but far as I can see there's not a lot of facts. You can keep track of the ongoing mystery here. Me, I'm just going to wait for Vig to email me the latest details.


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