Thursday, March 02, 2006

Built for comfort, not for speed...

Ah bliss. I'm looking at three days off, it was windy as all get out here today but in the high 70s and the flowering trees all busted into bloom this afternoon. It was uncanny. When I drove out this morning there were no flowers. When I drove home the pear and cherry trees were full out. Feels like a good omen.

Meanwhile, after spending literally hours looking at myself, I think I'm finally done with the head shot problem for the DetNews. I'm sorry to say that I couldn't use the shot Elisson so kindly photoshopped for me because it was reading wrong in their software, whatever that means, so I ended up just sending them a straight untouched shot. From what I understand the background is going to be deleted so there won't be a brick wall either. I may still use that popular shot for my profile which I've sort of been working on. I think I'm coming up to my three year anniversary here, so it's probably time I added one.

In any event, I got a email this afternoon saying they can use what I sent them today so I finally delivered what I promised, albeit nine months late. Considering I would rather be shot with a gun than a camera, it seems about the right amount of time for me to hatch a picture.


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