Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Got the time?

I never made it back here yesterday because it took an hour to buy a watch at Wallyworld. I somehow managed to break my old one when I was walking out the door in the afternoon. I caught it on the door and broke the stem off and it stopped dead. Of course, I would rather be dragged off and shot than have to shop at Walmart but it's really the only place within 15 miles (which is the current range of my car due to the stalling problem) to get one. Which is a prime example of how the big W changes a town. We have a charming little downtown here that's full of empty storefronts that Wally's put out of business, so there is no longer a choice about where to shop.

So I schlepped over to the big box thinking I could be in and out in fifteen minutes. No such luck. I don't know how Wally's got the reputation for being such a great place to shop. The place is freaking depressing. It's dirty and the selection sucks. I'll never own a Rollex because I break watches like most people break eggs. I go through at least two a year. So I decided to get a Mickey Mouse watch this time. Unfortunately there was a big fat woman with a kid in a carriage parked right in front of the carousel with the watches. She was leaning over, literally lying on the counter, her huge boobs pressed to the glass and taking every watch out of the display and inspecting it minutely while chattering to her five year old about why they weren't going to buy it.

I walked around and came back three times -- she never moved. I was going to take a picture of her big ass, it was practically a natural wonder, but I was afraid she would beat me up. No way I'd be able to take her, so I waited and 45 minutes later she finally waddled off and I bellied up to the counter. There were exactly three watches that would fit me. None of them were great, I wanted a classic Mickey with the arms that move. I ended up with a huge monstronsity that was designed for the Incredible Hulk but at least I can read the dial.

By the time I got home I was too irritated to blog. Next time I think I'll just order what I want on-line.


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