Monday, December 26, 2005

It's a wrap

I hope everyone had a good Christmas or Hannukah or whatever you might celebrate. It was a quiet day at the LOS HQ. I spent a couple of hours with the family but booked out before dinner. They were wiped out from their trip and I like to give them time alone with the tyke. I spend so much time with him that I feel guilty when he plays with me while they're home. They get way too little time with him as it is.

He was a little overwhelmed with all the presents but I thought it was very sweet that he took the time to actually look at all the books as he opened them. The kid has loved books since he was an infant. The biggest hit though was the Bob the Builder stuff. I think his fascination with "go-gos" must stem from all the construction going on in this development. When we take our walk, he's most thrilled when the backhoe is working and it often is. They've built about fourteen more houses since we've been there and they sell new lots every week.

For myself, my big gift was a great new winter jacket that I really needed but my funniest present was this calendar. It's been many years since I've seen buds like that. Thanks Michael. It's perfect for my office.

Update: More thoughts at The Impolitic.


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