Friday, December 23, 2005

Baby you can drive my car

This new hysteria about drugged drivers really bugs me. I mean get a grip people, marijuana use doesn't cause dangerous driving and in fact cocaine use has been proved to improve driving skills. So when you read something like this...
Bob Rorison, who is now the local president of MADD, was injured in accident by a driver who was high on cocaine and booze.
...take note that alcohol is almost always involved in the accidents attributed to drug use. If the guy wasn't taking cocaine to take the edge off the booze, Rorison might have been dead from that impaired driver.

Alcohol abuse, cell phones, screaming kids, and mobile food consumption cause more accidents. And if they're going to start testing for drug use I suggest they start with prescription drugs which actually do impair performance.

I would much rather be on the road with a bunch of tokers than I would with a bunch of Prozac impaired drivers and I hear that the Ambien that's so popular with politicos can make you pretty spacey if it's abused or if you don't get enough sleep while you're under its influence.

You want to take "drugged drivers" off the road, start there and you'll not only solve the safety issue you won't have to maintain the roads anymore because they will be no one left who's legally allowed to drive.


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