Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Let there be light...

I celebrated the solstice outside in the sandbox with the tyke and I have to say I'm feeling better already. Looking at six days off probably has as much to do with it as the turn of the season but it's still been a really long day so I'm just going to post more photos tonight. The above is my sorry excuse for a bonfire. That's as good as it got with the wet leaves but is it me or can you see a face at the bottom of that? I swear this place is haunted.

Meanwhile, the tree people showed up and took away everything but the big stump with the tree bark sculpture on top. I have a feeling that may end up being a lawn ornament until the spring.

On a more festive note, here's the family tree.

It's not very sparkly. We always did a toy tree and for my daughter we bought an angel every year from the year she was born.

This little blonde one at the bottom was the very first one. Amazing isn't it, with all the things that one loses along the way, the funny little things that stay with us?


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