Friday, December 16, 2005

A minor disaster - I hope

It was a long 12 hour day and I pull into my driveway to find someone cut down a tree. No one told me they were going to cut down a tree. Hell, I've talked to my landlord three times in a year. It was so long between the first and the second time, I had to look up his name, never mind his phone number. I mean, I've talked to the guy five times total.

I'm not even sure it was Jim who cut it down. The neighbors have been cutting trees in their front yard this week. They've taken down about five now and they might have taken this one too. I guess it's tall enough that it could smash their carport if it went in the wrong direction. And the last time they took down trees, they took away a bigass limb that had fallen in the yard while I was at work. At least I think they did because it disappeared at the same time.

So anyway, there's a tree cut up in big chunks on my lawn. I hope they're going to come take it away but that's not the disaster. That tree was pretty dead and I'm glad it's down. Somebody got killed out here yesterday by a tree that fell on their house in the ice storm, and that one was a candidate for the same fate. That was the good news.

I was so busy checking out the tree while I going down the driveway that I didn't see the branch in the middle of it and when I drove over it, it got caught up under the car. It's stuck firmly around the muffler but that's still not the disaster. The reason it's so stuck is that one end of it seems to be lodged inside the wheel - from the inside, in what looks to me to be the hub. I backed it out of the carport hoping it would dislodge but I couldn't pull it out. As the tyke would say - it's stuck. That I think could be the disaster.

I couldn't deal with it in the dark. I'm hoping if I back up a little more, I'll be able to pull it out in the morning. If I can't - I'm not sure what to do. I guess I'll have to find the name of the guy who replaced my brake lines and see if he will it get it out of there on a Saturday. But I'm not even sure I should drive it. I have this vision of the friction causing the branch to catch fire while I'm going down the road.

What a weird day. I'll get some photos in the morning.


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