Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Sea of DAMMADDness

Tom Angell at the DARE Diary has been kicking some serious prohibitionist butt this week. Of course taking down this amateur idiot Steven Steiner is a little like shooting fish in a barrel but now that the Mad Dad has got corporate funding, it's good that someone is keeping an eye on him.

Steiner started his silly anti-drug org after his 19 year old son OD'ed on Oxycotin. Ironically, it appears his corporate sponsor is the same drug company that makes Oxy. He also sidelines as a part time hack for the GOP and functions as an official Soros basher for the professional prohibitionists out there. The guy is clearly a narcissistic opportunist callously using his son's death to enrich himself but Tom Angell cuts him down to his puny little size and exposes him for the fraud that he is.

Read the followup post as well where Steiner attempts to fight back. It's so pathetic as to be comical. I suppose I should be insulted. I've dissed the guy myself more than once and he's never even noticed, much less called out his troops against this drug legalizer

As Tom points out, it's somewhat counterproductive for the guy to be sending his readers to DARE Diary since they'll see the truth that counters DAMMMADD's propaganda there. Way to teach 'em Tom.


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