Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Bonfire of the inanities

I'm back to work so it will be mostly evening blogging until the weekend. Meanwhle, the wreath was a big hit with the family. I got a shot of it today but they have a dark door and the sun never hits it, so I didn't get the detail that I would have liked to. I should have photographed it at home before I brought it over but I'll post the shot anyway later tonight. I don't feel like downloading the stuff at the moment.

I made another stab at the leaves yesterday afternoon. It's been like the Keystone Cops of leaf burning. I can't catch a break between the weather, my schedule and my level of energy. I had all these piles raked up and ready to go but it rained a lot between the time I did that and when I started burning. The leaves in the middle of the piles were quite wet so I could only throw them onto the fire in small batches. It was still a smoky mess. Even worse, it started to sprinkle just when I went out. That's the third time the rain has thwarted my plans. I pressed on this time, thinking I could get at least some of it done but I didn't get that far before it started pouring.

Right before the rain came, the winds kicked up like crazy - right after I had dumped a load on - and sent showers of half burning leaves into the yard. It started catching some of unraked leaves on fire, so I'm out there running around the yard cursing and beating out the fires with a shovel. It was almost a relief when the rain finally came. I wanted to deliver the wreath anyway.

Of course by the time I delivered the wreath and came home again, it was pitch black out but the wind had died again and it had stopped raining altogether. I'm thinking maybe the universe wants those leaves right where they are. Or more likely it's a reminder that I should have been more industrious about it before the light changed. I'll tell you, I can't wait for the winter solstice. It's my favorite day of the year. I know if I make it that far, the light will start to grow again. I loathe living in the dark.


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