Sunday, December 11, 2005

This thing is really fun

Okay, I'm getting giddy over this Pandora thing. This is my ticket back into mainstream music. I didn't even know Ani DiFranco sang. I thought she was a comedian for some reason or maybe the one who did the Vagina tour. Anyway I loved the song. This Mary Black song on right now, not so much. I don't know who she is either. Onto Buffy St. Marie. I like her okay as well but I wonder what happened to Neil Young? I'm ready for a change up here. Ah there he is. Here's a new one I like alright. Alasdair Roberts. Now Weezer. The playlist is getting a little dirgy. I think I'll add a couple more rocking artists and then see what happens. Maybe Chris Isaak and Stevie Ray Vaughn. Yeah, that helped. Jeff Healey Band is good.

It's a little spooky but I'm loving this station. Once you sign up you can create up to 100 different stations.


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