Friday, December 16, 2005

Christmas spirits

I'm still feeling kind of crummy and crawling through the work week but I wanted to post this photo in honor of Acidman's two month anniversary as a sober person. He had been live blogging his near death experiences when he just about killed himself with booze and now he's made a remarkable turn around and is blogging through his recovery.

I'm afraid he might be a little jealous that he doesn't live next door to this, but I figure since he loves cats so much, it will brighten up his day just knowing it exists. And if any of you kind readers want to help a recovering alcoholic make it through the holidays, be sure to send your especially cute cat links here. Tell him Libby sent you.

Merry Christmas Rob. No need to thank me.

For the rest of you who wonder how that wreath came out, the photo just didn't shrink well, so here's a link to the large version of the pix.


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