Thursday, December 15, 2005

GAO calls drug czar a liar

A 52-page report by the Government Accountability Office, due to be released next week concludes Plan Colombia and related operations in other South American countries, on which $7.4 billion of your tax dollars has been squandered, have failed to appreciably impact the flow of cocaine into the US. This is in direct contradiction to recent statements made by drug czar John Walters.
The GAO report was skeptical of the statistics the government relied on for its upbeat assessments, calling its information on cocaine production and use problematic. It also said the Office of National Drug Control Policy had failed to fully address previous "recommendations for improving illicit drug data collection and analysis."
In other words, the prohibitionists are fudging the numbers to justify their existence. The funding for these dunderheaded programs will be coming up soon in Congress again.
Walters says he is confident the new plan will be accepted by both countries. "We have been clear we intend to continue this policy," he told The Chronicle.

It's about time someone shook the prohib profiteers confidence that they can continue to fleece the taxpayers with this destructive and ineffective program. This is one that really needs to expire. Contact your Congressmen and tell them to defund this debacle.


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