Tuesday, December 20, 2005

In the arms of Morpheus

I don't know what's wrong with me but I can't get enough rest. I literally fell asleep, sitting up in front of the computer last night, woke up when I almost fell off the chair, went to bed and then proceeded to sleep for another 12 hours straight. This on top of the 11 hours I was logging in this weekend. It's true when they say you can get too much sleep. I feel like my head is stuffed full of cotton candy.

I'm hoping it's just my annual malaise over the lack of light and everything will turn around when we hit the equinox and the light starts growing again. It's always helped before. Kind of wish I had gotten a flu shot though, just in case.

Meanwhile, I'm off to work again for the afternoon and I've got a long day tomorrow but then I have a week off so I'll be picking up on the drug war again by then if not sooner. With luck I'll be able to post later today as well when the tyke goes down for his nap - otherwise I'll be back at least briefly tonight. I'm falling way behind at the Detroit News as well and there's a couple of posts up there right now that really need refuting.

In fact if any one has time to help me tear LaPlante a new one over this post in the interim, feel free to jump in at the comment section over there and I'll be sure to point to your comments.


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