Thursday, December 22, 2005

Angels he has heard while high....

Via Acidman who sent me to this post, comes my kind of Christmas story.

It seems a family in Florida left their Christmas tree outside for a few days before bringing it in to decorate. When they went to retreive the tree, they found a baby owl had taken up residence in it. Animal control officers rescued the little critter and noticed he smelled kind of funny, in fact he reeked of marijuana.

This being the age of technology, they bloodtested the little guy and discovered he was indeed stoned off his little feathery butt and had developed a big taste for oreos. (Okay I made that last part up).

And like any good Christmas story, there's even an "It's a Wonderful Life" type ending. The bird is fine, having suffered no ill effects from his indulging in Christmas "spirits" and he also "brought an early holiday gift to the sanctuary, which was in need of more than $250,000. The attention the bird has brought has helped ensure the sanctuary's survival."

Have a look at him for yourself. As Acidman said, "Must have been some good shit."

The sanctuary named him Cheech but considering Cheech went straight in his later years, I think they really should have named him Chong.


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