Saturday, December 24, 2005

You say this is Christmas

Well I am really done now except for the wrapping which is minimal. I'm not going to do anything fancy for the tyke. At his age it's the ripping off the paper that's fun so I just got stick on bows and I'm not even going to do labels. The tea arrived and was waiting on the doorstep when the family returned from their trip to the Polar Express train and thank the Goddess they sent the right one. I had this horrible vision of multiple cans of the wrong product. A big thanks again to the fine folks at Stop & Shop for obviously going out of their way to make this happen.

The trip into town was uneventful, thank the Universe, no stalling. It looks like the car is going to do the same silly thing this year, so I could drive forever as I long as I don't go more than 15 miles away. I picked up all the stuff I needed in any event although I didn't find nice ornaments in town. This little town really needs more stores and a deli.

I did however have a great baseball coversation with a local guy. He was delivering something to the store and he remarked on my Mets jacket. He's from NY and cheers for both the Yankees and the Mets. Me I cheer for the Mets and the Red Sox. I always find baseball conversations challenging with people like him.

I really know jack about baseball. He starts talking about stats and players I don't remember and this year's management which I don't really follow. I just love watching baseball and I cheer for the team. However I've learned to nod wisely and throw in a few gratutious references to '87, Mookie Wilson and Darryl Strawberry and mostly they can't tell the difference. Anyway it was good to have a live adult conversation.

He actually wished me a Merry Christmas but otherwise the spirit of the season was not apparent in the village. I don't know if it's always like this in the South, but I tend to think it's the economy.

Meanwhile, it's a gorgeous afternoon out, the wind is dying down and it's going to rain tonight so I need get out and take another stab at burning leaves.

In the interim, I leave you this piece of useless gossip. Young Hollywood star, Brad Renfro was arrested during a Skid Row sting in Manhattan for buying heroin. Fortunately he still qualifies for treatment instead of prison time and he apparently needs it. He admits he's an addict.


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