Wednesday, August 10, 2005

This snitch is for hire

This is the face of prohibition. This scumbag has made a career of entrapment. He works for the cops. He cruises poor neighborhoods and badgers the young and the desperate into selling him small amounts of drugs in order to keep the law enforcement statistics up to anti-drug funding levels.

He tells his victims he will give them a good paying job, but could they just score him a little bit of stuff before he gives it to them. He's so blatant, most of his engineered busts have been thrown out of court but that didn't stop another town from using tax dollars to fund his destructive scam.

The war on drugs has become a cash cow and an invitation to avoid real police work. The reason you can't get a cop to investigate a break in, is because they're all too busy milking that cow. If we legalized drugs, they would have time to pursue real crimes and vile sludge like Craven would be out of business.


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