Thursday, January 12, 2012

Turning the corner

So in case you were wondering, I had a nice birthday considering I was still sick with this ridiculously long head cold. Got lots of lovely birthday greetings and John took me to lunch at the senior citizen's favorite hot spot K&W Cafeteria, or as we old folks like to call it the Kane and Walker. After that meal, I needed a nap which seems to have helped with the cold. Don't really feel so icky anymore, but still coughing up crap so I've been avoiding people mostly. Only reason I'm seeing John is, he gave the cold to me.

Meanwhile, here's a couple of links that can't be embedded but are really worth the click. This looks like a Van Gogh painting, but it's a beautiful photograph of someplace in Europe. Be sure to scroll down at the link and look at the summer version of the same shot. And this short video, Wonderful World reminds us not to forget how magical the natural world is. Take a moment to appreciate it every day.


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