Friday, December 30, 2011

Sleeping Tom

I love stories like this. Meet Artful Dodger, who lives in England and has a taste for travel.

The ginger moggy, who was named after the Artful Dodger from Oliver Twist, has taken to hopping on and off the public transport at the bus station near his home.The 15-year-old Tom even sits on bemused passengers' laps as the bus makes up to 10 mile round trips from Bridport to Charmouth in Dorset.
Charming story. You can read it all at the link. Europeans are so mellow that way. This could never happen here. It's against the rules for animals to ride the bus. Well, except seeing eye dogs. And some of the passengers would probably be just as likely to kick the poor kitty, as let him sit in their lap.

And not to forget man's best friend. This is old I think, but it still made me smile all over again. All dogs go to heaven.


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