Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Too many goodbyes

I've been down with a miserable cold, hence the lack of blogging for the last few days. But I've been aimlessly noodling around the internets and on a whim googled one of favorite clients from when I worked a the law firm. Paul Viveros, who had a really long running case with us. I worked with him pretty closely and we stayed in touch even after I moved here. Usually talked once a year or so. It occurred to me I hadn't heard from him in a long time.

Turns out he died over a year ago. Feel bad that I didn't check on him sooner. He was a good man. Larger than life kind of guy. A little gruff but with a good heart who was just trying to make a living and do something good for his town. Found a youtube interveiw the local paper did about his case.

Even if you don't approve of strip clubs, you had to love Paul. Or hate him I guess. Lord knows the city council had no use for him. He was creative in getting in their face. Sadly, the links to his art installation of toilets have rotted. So no pictures of that one.

Kind of pisses me off that one of his biggest critics bought his restaurant and is sailing through permitting for curb cuts and even thinking of putting a donut shop. Both of which Paul wanted to do as well, but the City Council shut him down on every proposal he made to create new businesses and jobs for a city that really needed them.

Rest in peace.


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