Sunday, April 11, 2010

Little City Life

The heat wave is over, which was a good thing because it was cool enough to wear my black suit without looking weird when I went to the County Democratic Convention yesterday. It was good to have some human contact. And I met the local liberal blogger but he doesn't live that close. It's a big county. But I also met a woman about my age who lives in the little city and is a transplant from Vermont. Guess I'm going to join her local Senior Democrat club. Appears to be a few older people who meet once a month to socialize. Next meeting is Saturday at the Golden Corral breakfast buffet.

Meanwhile, even though the heat wave is over, the spring flowers are still racing through their cycle. Early bloomers are leafing out but the dogwoods are flowering along with the late tulips.

And just found this link to some really fun treehouses. If I ever get my own place, I want one of those.


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