Friday, April 09, 2010

Cross purposes

Crazy week punctuated by a telephone call at 1:30am a couple of nights ago. The phone woke me up. I looked at the clock. Huge adrenalin rush. Nobody calls me at this hour anymore. Figured somebody got badly hurt. Turned out to be a robocall from the county announcing a 81 year old Alzheimer's patient was wandering around town.

Of course I couldn't fall back to sleep for hours. Actually went downstairs and looked and up my street as long as I was awake. No sign of lost old guys. Still haven't caught up on the lost sleep. But on a brighter note, they did find the guy and I have a new picture of the little city. This was still in front of one of the big churches in town, a remmant of their Easter services I guess.

Very pretty in person. Even though the flowers were all wilted, the colors were still very cheery.


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