Friday, March 26, 2010

The Garden Gate

It's been another busy week. Never seems to be enough hours in the day to get everything done, much less keep to my resolution to walk for half an hour every day. But I still have some pix from last week's big walk. This is one of my favorite yards in town. My pictures never do these things justice, but I adore arched gateways like this and the yard is so beautifully kept. It feels like you might be stepping into a fairyland if you walked through it.

In other news, I met a young guy in the cemetery a couple of weeks ago. Can't remember if I posted a link to his site here so apologies if this is a repeat. He's a singer songwriter who lives somewhere nearby, Desmond Myers. If you look him up on youtube, there are lots of videos of varying quality, but the sound at his official website is the best. Sadly he confirmed for me that there isn't a music scene here in the little city. He mostly performs in Charlotte.

Slightly more encouraging is the local library screens fairly new films a few times a month. This week they're doing Planet 51, Couple Therapy and 2012. I've seen their screening room. It's not quite movie theater size, but it's looks okay. Think I'll try going at least once since I don't have a DVD player of my own. Oddly, the one I want to see most is Planet 51. I expect the place will be overrun with kids but I love animation and the trailer looks good.


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