Monday, March 29, 2010

And on the third day, she blogged...

Just can't seem to get into the swing of daily posting here. Looking at another busy day but here's a couple more pix of springtime in the little city.  Glad to have the reminder of warmer weather, since it's been cold again here. Had to turn the heat back on a few times a day to keep the chill off.

Dad calls these phlox but they look like gigantic bluets to me.

As you can see in the long shot they're pretty darn big. Pretty though. And in other news, a bunch of violets popped up in my lawn overnight. No pix, but that makes me very happy.

Oops. Blogger appears to be having a nervous breakdown and isn't posting any pictures. Assume it's a server problem since all the old pix have broken links too. [They fixed it today.] I'll be back later to post the phlox, but to entertain you for the moment, The Owl Box livestream videocam seems to be working fine. All four of the chicks hatched and you can see them sometimes. It's pretty amazing.


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