Monday, October 05, 2009

Just another rainy Monday

Well, the weekend slipped away from me. We had glorious fall weather on Saturday. Sunny, not too hot, blue skies. Spent a lot of time outdoors and my lawn guy came and we had a nice long chat. He's such a sweetie. I told him not to bother, but he blew all the grass clippings off my car anyway after he raised up a big dust storm blowing the leaves around the tree. And under the heading, the best shots always get away, when he raised up that huge cloud of dust at one point, it was so thick you could barely see him in it, and the sun was filtering through the tree. Would have made a great picture, but by the time I got the camera it was too late.

Yesterday was overcast, but still pretty warm. Today it's blech. Dark, cold, damp and sort of rainy. I had to turn the heat for a few minutes to take the chill off. I hate doing that so soon in the year and I'm sad to discover that turning on the heat makes the musty smell worse. Guess I'm going to have to get a dehumifidier after all and see if that helps. Meanwhile, I'm looking at the classifieds and keeping my eyes open for places for rent. I'm going to hate to move again, but this is definitely not the space I want to settle down into for the long term here.

Meanwhile, I finally got a new key ring for my extra house key. It's very cool and I got it for free at the convenience store. It's a teeny tiny ice scraper that says North Carolina Education Lottery on it. Figured it would be perfect to keep in the car in case I ever lock myself out. Only problem is, now I can't find the extra key. It's driving me crazy. It was in the same spot forever and I don't recall moving it, although I do remember thinking I was going to put it on the old Heineken key ring I found when I was going through my stuff. Can't find that key ring either, so maybe I already hid it and forgot. And of course, you know as soon as I go get another key made, I will find this one.

But on the bright side, I've been trying to root these cuttings my mom gave me from her angel wing begonia with no luck for a few weeks now. I decided to cut them down a bit more past the woody stems and they're finally showing some roots so I'll be able to pot them up before it's too cold to do it outside. And my sister is giving me a TV stand this week so I'll be able to use the table the TV is on now for all the house plants I suddenly have. It will fit perfectly under the one sunny window. So there's that.


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