Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Life and Death

Well, even as I celebrate a new life in my circle of friends, sadly, I lost an old one this weekend. I never knew Tim Young's last name until he died, but he was a fixture in lovely downtown Northampton. He was at every single music event it seemed. He had a smile that could light up all downtown.

We never spoke much but he would always stop me on the street to do his trademark exploding knuckles greeting. He made you feel cheery, even if you didn't talk. I used to think he was a neighbor, because I would often see him drive out of the condo parking lot next door, but I've heard he lived somewhere else downtown. I guess he must have just had a friend there. Of course I haven't seen him in the five years since I left Noho, but my world feels a little emptier just the same, knowing that he's gone.

Rest in peace Tim. [photo via IHEG]


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