Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Happy Equinox

Just realized I forgot to wish everyone a blessed autumn equinox. Hope you managed to celebrate. I actually didn't do anything special for it myself this year. The shoulder was finally feeling strong enough to take care of some long overdue errands on Monday and after three hours of driving around town shopping and doing two loads of laundry and some housework, I guess it overdid it. It was killing me again yesterday so I had to take a couple of pills and got zoned out.

It's not my favorite anyway because it ushers in the dark. I'm already not liking the shorter days. Nightfall has been coming around 7:30 making me wonder where the hell the summer went. Seems like just last week it was still light at 9:30. This is my worst season. I struggle every year with seasonal affective disorder. My anxiety goes up and my energy goes down until the winter solstice.

On the bright side, my electric/water/sewer bill finally arrived today. I've been nervous about it ever since last month when I got shut off because I was a day late in paying. Don't want to go through that embarrassment again. But the good news is it was only $50 total. This place has its problems with being damp and a bit musty but cripes it's so cheap to run. And I don't understand why my daily useage rate is so low because they said they had to raise the rates but every month, my per diem goes down. Maybe it was because I took a couple less showers in those horrible couple of weeks when I couldn't take off my shirt without screaming in pain but I would have thought that would be cancelled out by the outdoor faucet that the painter left dripping and I didn't notice for a few days. Who knows? I'm not complaining.

Meanwhile, the shoulder already improving again today, the too short haircut is already starting to grow out a bit and looks less raw, I have a refrigerator full of food and my Ti plant is definitely growing five new branches. So there's that.


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