Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I got to get out of this place

You know there's a lot of things I love about this apartment but the dampness problem is really a deal breaker. The last kind of musty place I lived in improved when I turned the heat on, but using the gas heat here makes the place smell worse. I swear I have to open the door for minute once the place is warm, just so I can breathe. I suspect the filter hasn't been changed in forever and I suppose I could figure out how to do that myself, but I'm thinking it's likely the ducts are moldy.

Planning to circumvent the problem by going out to get a space heater of some kind today but eventually I'll have to turn on the other system to keep the pipes from freezing. I really can't live with this in the long term. On the bright side, the lease runs out on Jan 1, and then goes month to month, so I'm not stuck here too much longer.

Actually found a place I liked the looks of while driving around the other day. The big apartment is just gorgeous, from what I could see from the windows. Hardwood floors, a sunroom, huge deck, giant kitchen. Unfortunately too big for me, but there's a little studio apartment in the back that's in a separate building that looks a tower. The whole place is empty. The neighbor, who came out when I was poking around, tells me that it's because all the former tenants were "Nascar boys" whatever that means. I assume it has something to do with the track near here.

Meanwhile, I realized this morning that yesterday was a holiday and I went out in the rain last night to drag out my trash bin a day early. I suppose it doesn't matter. They will come tomorrow, but I feel like a dork. The neighbors probably think I'm an idiot for not keeping track of it.


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