Wednesday, July 01, 2009

My Two Apparitions

This is the weirdest thing. The other day I saw two very old people appear out of nowhere. I saw them from the window and it was like they came out from behind the trunk of the beech tree and walked a few feet across the yard. Well shambled really. And they disappeared into the brush at the edge. I mean there's this ivy like ground cover and scrubby trees where they walked in and it's like they disappeared off the face of the earth. No sign of where they walked. Not so much as a bent leaf. And no reason for them to walk through the scrub. There's a driveway four feet away from where they were walking.

Then the other day I was driving home from the shopping center and I saw the mysterious old couple again. They were on the sidewalk of the bridge over the highway. Just as the last time, they were walking painfully slowly, with apparent difficulty. She follows him at about five paces behind. I thought, ah, well they're just an elderly couple from the neighborhood after all. But here's the weird thing. As soon as I passed them, I looked for them in the rear and side view mirrors. In the two seconds it took to drive by, they had disappeared again. Very strange.


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