Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Five Things You Won’t Hear Me Say

The internet is a funny place where you make friends with people you wouldn't have even met in real life. Take my friend RSM for instance. We couldn't be more different. I'm a life long pacifist. He enlisted in the military. I'm a bit disorganized. He's a neat freak that would put Monk to shame. He's a gourmet cook. I eat sandwiches. Yet I admire him greatly and find him to be a remarkable and insightful human being. Not to mention a brilliant writer.

This gorgeous story about a kid in the desert has been haunting me since I read it. It says so much about his character in just a few words. If I was younger, I might ask him to marry me.

Anyway, he also invented this funny meme that I liked, hence the title of the post. Here's five things you won't hear me say:
"I'd love to go to the mall."
"I think I'll twitter that."
"I wonder which 12 couples I should invite to my formal dinner party."
"I really miss driving in ice storms."
"I hate going to the beach."
Feel free to play along in comments, or leave a link if you blog it.


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