Friday, February 20, 2009

In case you were wondering

Apparently you can get rid of anything on Freecycle. You'll remember my teevee was fried in the power surge a couple of years ago and had that slow wiggle in the picture. I've used it all this time because, the wiggle was slow and you kind of get used to it and filter it out when you're watching. Besides I mostly just listened to it in the background and the sound was fine.

The people who gave me my 'new' old teevee, offered to take it away to be eventually recycled. I didn't want to cause them the extra hassle. I told them I could Freecycle it, but I did have a moment of panic before I listed it, wondering if I had made a mistake and would have to deal with getting it out of here myself. It's heavy.

Not a problem. I was completely honest in the listing. I got six responses immediately. I gave it to the first person who emailed. It's gone now.


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