Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The new millenium Brady Bunch

Near as I can tell, these people are coming out to sell a book or something. A Brady family for our times, only instead of just combined kids, it's combined marriage partners.
Fast forward to today, and our family is now composed of Alan, Eric, Leslie, Amber, and myself, plus our children: Todd, Steve, Jennifer, Lisa, and Amber is currently pregnant. Eric and Leslie are legally married, and we've added a few rooms to the house. We have two family meetings a week, one of which is for adults only, both of which can get lively and loud. We've had our arguments over money, people monopolizing other people's time, dealing with children's issues, and so forth — like any other family — but we just have more voices in the discussion.
Not clear on how they establish paternity of the children. Maybe they don't care.

I can't help but think the potential for icky STDs must be expotentially greater but I don't think there's anything morally wrong with it. Whatever floats your boat as the saying goes, but it doesn't sound attractive to me. Mainly because my adventures in group living have been universally dismal. Not easy to find multiple compatible roommates. And for me, it was hard enough to deal with one husband. I can't imagine two at once.


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