Sunday, February 15, 2009

Another World

This gate, that separates the McCompound from that world on the other side, is always locked. If you look through the gap you can't see much. For the longest time I thought it might be some kind of industrial storage space. But when I finally got to the other side, I found...

This pool. I have a better shot, but this one better reflects the setting. It's a trailer park.

This is the nicest row of trailers. I kind of like that red and white number. And when I went back to get the photos, I discovered what I thought was the cesspool pond was really just a huge puddle that had dried out now.

But the pond is at the end of that road. It's bigger than I thought and surprisingly doesn't smell.

I missed the two best shots on this walk. In front of one the trailers that are there at the terminal end of the road, was a residual puddle. There was a big fat robin, joyously taking a bath in it. And behind him were some chickens scratching at the edge of the road. But the robin flew off when I pointed my camera and the chickens ran back into their yard.

I suppose I'll never get another shot at the robin, but I'll go back and try to get the chickens again because I discovered an easier way to get there than crawling under the gate.


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