Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The wild life

I started my dogsitting gig today. Man did it take me forever to get ready this morning. Back when I used to travel a lot I had packing down to a science. I could be ready to go on an hour's notice. I guess I'm out of practice because it took about four and I was just going about a half hour drive from my house. Not to mention I ended up bringing tons more stuff than I do to travel around the world. Of course, this wasn't exactly like taking a trip to the tropics.

For one thing, it's been really cold here for a couple of weeks and I suddenly realized I needed to bring warm clothes to walk the dog so I had to dig out my hat and gloves and my long johns. I had to do laundry this morning too. I don't expect anyone to visit me here of course but the owner's brother may show up so I decided to run out and buy new pajamas last night. By the time I got back it was too cold and dark to trot over to the laundry room.

I scored some great PJs though so it was worth it. Soft fleecy top and pants with a cloud and stars print. Very funky and I think they're going to be really warm. Good thing because this place is on the chilly side. Nice house though and a great hood.

It's a closed development with a circle street and then dead end branches off the ends of the circle. Big lots and there's large tracts of undeveloped land that's all woods. I took the little guy for a walk this afternoon and saw lots of birds but the best part was towards the end. Just as we rounded the corner I saw a big deer peeking out of the woods. The pup didn't notice him at first and was rooting around in the dead leaves on the periphery so Papa deer and I just looked at each other for a long time.

He came out onto the pavement and for a moment I thought he might walk right up to us. But then the doggie finally noticed him and started running so the deer took off into the woods on the other side. A few seconds later the rest of the deer family bounded across after him. It was so cool, two grownups and three little ones. Nice start to the gig.


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