Saturday, November 22, 2008

Oh no!

I only have one pair of pajamas and I just tore a hole in the knee. Everybody knows you can't be a serious blogger unless you're in your pajamas. Worse yet one of my slippers just busted a seam and the sole is going to start flapping in the next few days.

Probably a blessing in disguise. I was just thinking this morning that I needed warmer lingerie anyway now that I'm keeping the house so much colder. I may knit some slippers if I can find my knitting needles. I have the urge to knit something and I have a really good pattern saved somewhere for felted elf slippers.

The pajamas will take some shopping though. I hate shopping this time of year. Maybe I can dig out my long johns until after Christmas. They'll be okay with my bathrobe and that's holding up just fine. Glad I saved them. [grahic via]


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