Saturday, November 08, 2008

Mum's the word

I know I've neglected this blog for the millionth time in the last couple of years. I'm okay really. Just tired. Between the election, the time change and my continuing inability to find a freaking job I've been a little down and didn't want to inflict on you dear readers. But the sunlight will grow again, the election from hell is over at last and I figure the odds by now must be growing that someone, somewhere is going to want to hire me, so I'm looking forward to better days ahead.

Speaking of the time change, this will impress those of you who know me well. I changed every one of my clocks immediately on the first morning. Not sure why but I just was feeling more resigned than rebellious about it this year. Oddly, it made it a tiny bit easier to adjust. I guess it was the acceptance of the inevitable thing.

Meanwhile, on a much cheerier note, it's time for the annual Smith College Mum Show. As usual, they have a live webcam of the main entrance room for the voyeurs, like me, who like to tourist watch. They also have a page that has has some nice photos of past shows and I managed to find one Flickr gallery with a few nice shots of this year's show.

I know people think of mums as kind of a pedestrian flower but they put a lot of work into this show training the flowers to cascade and whatever and it is worth seeing if you live in the Happy Valley. I really miss that greenhouse myself.


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