Saturday, October 25, 2008

Out in the Cold

The worst thing about being broke and jobless is that I'm afraid to turn my heat on. Those who know me well know how awful this is for me. Most of my life I lived with people who wouldn't turn on the heat and I get chilled easily. I don't function as well when I'm cold.

When I started living alone, the one thing I was always willing to splurge on is a warm house. I don't feel like I can do that right now so I'm keeping the thermostat at 63 and cringe every time it kicks on. I hate being cold.

Of course it could be worse. At least I live in the south and I'm not totally freezing. And the good news is, with my apartment being on the second floor, it's not so bad at night. I have lots of blankets and the neighbors kick up their heat I think so it keeps me warmer than I would have been if I was still on Randolph Place. So there's that.


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