Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Signs of the time

Signs I'm becoming southernized. It was a clear and beautiful day here. No humidity. A nice breeze. I doubt it got above the mid 80s in the sun and here inside the house it was about 75 degrees. I was freezing and had to turn off the ceiling fan. I think I'll walk instead of swimming today.

Signs that the economy is tanking. The Freecycle list has changed dramatically in the last couple of months. There aren't as many offers and half the list on any day is people asking for things under Wanted, where before there wouldn't be more than a one or two a week.

In other news, my convenience store installed some gambling machines in the back corner. It's kind of a secret I guess, because they whispered when they told me about it. My favorite clerk, I think he might be the owner, is trying to get me to play. I went and looked at them. Apparently they're some kind of computers that have several games on them. I watched one woman play the slots for a while. I don't think I want to play that one but he tells me they have KENO as well. I would have liked to just check it out to see what the other games are, but I figured why bother? Who can afford to gamble these days? Besides, I never win.


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