Monday, June 30, 2008

Out of the darkness

Man, I'm having a hard time breaking out of this funk but I'm cracking through a little. I may do a post about it tonight, but for those who might be concerned, I'm okay, just working through stuff in my head and dealing with the heat. Well not so much the heat, I like that, it's the bad air that gets me down.

It's not so bad today after the thunderstorms last night. We had a couple of beauties. The early storm had the most magnificent lightning I've seen in a while. Huge forks across the sky and lots of them. Nature's fireworks. Probably the closest I'll come to seeing any this year. And the followup at 1:00 was pretty impressive if only because it's rare to get them so late at night. The lightning wasn't as good but the rumbling was very impressive. Shook the house. Anyway, the air is cleaner and that helps a lot.

I've started an exercise program of sorts. I've decided part of my problem is I spend too much time inside and my rythums are all off because of my crazy schedule so I'm going to try to block out a certain time every evening to either walk or swim. Swimming is certainly easier to get into and I've managed to hit the pool two days in a row in this heat. I think it's helping already. I'm feeling more focused and I think a scheduled event I can look forward to will be comforting.

Otherwise, there's not much to report around the old complex other than wheelchair guy is really mean to his son. They periodically have shouting matches out in their garage which happens to be just across from my windows. Actually WG does most of the shouting. I can't usually hear what the kid is saying but it makes me want to run out and holler at him when he starts dragging his shit into the parking lot. Maybe it bothers me more than it should because it kind of reminds me of how my ex used to stage public scenes all the time. Kind of a PTSD thing.

So anyway, I'm still kicking but I have a lot to do today so I'm off. I'm hoping to be back later tonight.


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