Tuesday, June 24, 2008


I went to the doctor yesterday morning. A new lump had developed where the tumor was and of course I freaked out. Turned out it was a normal development and just some residual 'weeping' of some gland or something. The doc extracted the fluid by sticking yet another needle into my face. The good news is, with the residual numbness, I didn't feel a thing.

So, I get into the parking garage feeling better good that it was nothing to worry about and that the visit went so quickly, and I get to where I thought my car was and -- it's not there. I freak out thinking maybe it was towed, since it was hard to believe anyone would steal such an old car. I look around for no parking signs, but not seeing any I finally figure out that I'm probably on the wrong floor. I'm parked of course at the far end of the garage from the elevators so I trudge back up and sure enough somehow I didn't notice that I got off at the fourth floor instead of the third.

To add to my misery, I had a brand new pair of shoes on. My old sandals are too beat up for the well dressed look, so I got out my Etienne Aigner slides. Very classy black slides with a low spike heel. The leather on the instep was so soft, I didn't think they would be hard to break in. Wrong. By the time I got the elevators, I could feel the blisters starting.

So I hobble to the third floor and go to where my car is supposed to be and it's still not there. Now I'm really freaking out. I pace up and down the row for a minute trying to remember exactly where I parked and incredulous that I don't see it. At least this time I found the stairs at the bottom corner so I don't have to hike up to the elevators again.

By the time I got to the second floor, I was hobbling pretty good but thank the Goddess, there was the little blue mobile unit, just waiting for me. I never get a spot on the second floor and I swear I had to take the elevator down to the walkway, which is on the second floor so it's a mystery to me how I ended up where I did. Anyway, I was glad to find it. The truly impressive blisters I'm left with, not so much.


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