Sunday, June 22, 2008

Trash talk

I'm working this weekend so I just have time for a quick little story. It's a long hike to the trash compactor for most people who live here in the McCompound so most people drive their trash over and drop it off on their way out. A lot of them balance the trash bags on the top of their trunks.

Yesterday I got to the end of the driveway and there was mini-van with two bags on top of their car. They apparently forgot to drop it off. I beeped my horn and tried to tell them, but they thought I was impatient and shot off into traffic while I was gesturing and trying to convey the problem.

I guess it clicked though by the time they got a few feet down the road, they turned around and gave me a happy wave in thanks. It could have been pretty nasty if they didn't realize it until they got the highway and watched the bags smash into somebody's windshield.

My good deed for the day.


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