Friday, January 12, 2007

Some belated thanks

One more quick post before I go out. I'm late in thanking Michael, my dear friend from Boston, for the fabulous birthday presents. He always knows just what to send. He gave me the High Times calendar (wish I was getting herb like that these days), a Bush countdown keychain (that is moving way too slow) and a tshirt from my favorite bar in Boston, The Cantab. Thanks buddy.

Also a way belated thank you to my sis-in-law in Alaska for the beautiful fleecy sweater and nice bracelet. I've been wearing the sweater nearly every day since it arrived Janet and it's perfect. She's another one that always sends the best presents. I only wish I could say the same about myself.

And finally thanks to the lottery gods. I bought myself a couple of scratch tickets for my birthday on a whim and won $25. I never win on scratch tickets and told Francine, the clerk, at the time that it was probably not a good idea to start the next year of my life by losing at the lottery, but now it feels like a good omen for my next trip around the sun.


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