Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Life is good

I really have to stop predicting when I'll be blogging. It seems like a jinx or something. Every time I promise to return, something unexpected happens. Like yesterday, I thought I would have a little celebration, maybe do a little BWI here, but at about 4:00 I got hit with an ugly head cold, completely out of the blue. I was feeling fine and suddenly my head got all stuffy and my nose started running. I ended up having a couple of brews and going to bed early.

I only have a few minutes free at the moment as I'm working again today so I just want to say thanks to everybody who sent me well wishes for my birthday or left them here on the blog, including two of my ex lovers. And as one of them reminded me, despite the head cold, as I've always said -- any day you wake up and everything is pretty much working, you're ahead of the game.

Meanwhile, forgive me for neglecting the blog and answering comments. You know I love you all dearly. Without you this wouldn't be fun.


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