Saturday, January 06, 2007

Throw away your washing machine

I hate doing laundry. It's right up there with grocery shopping in my book of the ten things I least want to spend my time doing. In the laundry department, Febreeze changed my life. I don't get clothes dirty as a rule, but you know body odor takes it toll and often a clean item can't be worn simply because it no longer smells fresh. Since I discovered Febreeze a few years ago, my laundry time was cut in half. The stuff is like a miracle. A quick spray and by the time it dries, a marginal shirt or dress is ready to wear again. But there was still the problem of underwear. You can't Febreeze that.

So I find it extremely good news that science has solved the problem. Underwear that doesn't have to be washed to remain hygenic. Check it out and be sure to click the links at the end. Spray on clothes also looks very promising. If this works out, I may never have to do laundry again. Sometimes I really love technology.

Meanwhile, it's been a gorgeous day here and since I was able to leave the doors open, I spent the afternoon spraying up toxic clouds of mildew remover to get the damn mold out of the house. So I'm late again today and under the heading, when will I ever learn -- I've agreed to babysit for a couple of hours again tonight. So while I do have a couple of important items to share, those will have to wait for evening blogging today. The good news is, I slept way late this morning, so staying awake and coherent shouldn't be a problem. Later...


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