Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Must of got lost somewhere down the line

Sorry I didn't make it here yesterday. I got a bunch of great links at the Impolitic including a full post plug at the Moderate Voice so I spent the day, posting on politics, answering comments and defending my points at TMV. By the time I answered my email, I had to go to bed since I'm back on the work rotation again. It's shaping up to be an ugly month for that. I seem to have a lot of shifts but I'm hoping at least this will be the only day I have to wake up before the birds do. I hate leaving the house in the dark.

Anyway, I only have a minute right now but I'll have a couple of hours later this morning, so I'll be back. Meanwhile, if anyone else has wondered what ever happened to Donnie at Cadillac Tight, I believe he just showed up in my comment section over at the Imp. If you're reading here as well, don't be such a stranger buddy. We've been missing you.


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