Saturday, December 30, 2006

Slow day

I had to work today so nothing of import has happened to me. I did manage to get to town and buy an absurdly expensive bottle of champagne and I have the next three days off so I will be back.

On another note, I recently joined the local Freecycle chapter in the area, which I recommend for anyone who likes free stuff and doesn't mind used items. The list is pretty active but not overwhelming. It's mostly stuff I don't want but I did get four fabulous martini glasses and big red bucket so far and I was pretty tempted by this item today.
Offer: one pair of insulted bottoms, gray size l (38-40)
If it came in a black medium, I might have gone for it. It's not everyday someone offers you an insulted bottom. But then you have to find an appreciated top to go with it, so I passed.


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