Monday, January 08, 2007

Bits and pieces

It's been a really weird day and I'm out of steam tonight so if you want drug war news go see ReLoad's usual stellar drug war roundup and don't miss his excellent post taking on a major blogger on the left who doesn't get what wrong with the war on some drugs. I agree with thehim. The left and libertarians are bigger obstacles to ending the war than the rightwingers are. Conservatives seem to understand the underlying issues a lot better.

On a another sad note, the inventor of instant noodles died. I probably owe this guy my life. I've lived on ramen noodles when I was broke and I still eat them to this day because they're so easy on a queasy stomach. Rest in Peace.

And I found this interesting because I'm such a technodope that I live in fear of zombie computers. Every time my hard drive starts making noise when I don't expect it to, I'm convinced it's been possessed and is going to do something ugly to me.


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