Sunday, January 07, 2007

I love a parade...

Actually I don't love them like I did when I as a kid but I do love watching the Rose Bowl on New Year's morning. It's kept pretty much to its roots, unlike the overly jazzed Macy's Thanksgiving extravanganza. It doesn't have too many marching bands. I love the horsed units and I'm always stunned by the floats.

Quote of the day comes from the Intelligence Czar of the planet Vleeptron Z, It'sReallyBob.
If you want to see what Pasadena looks like, watch the television broadcast of The Rose Bowl Parade on New Year's Day. Every float must be made entirely of flowers or plant material. (My favorite float theme from last year's parade was "We Forgot What Our Theme Was" by the Oakland Bhang Growers Association.)
Funny, I don't remember that float myself... I may have been riding on it.


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