Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Missing my muse

I'm back on the work rotation and I'm just out of inspiration today. It's a slow news cycle so I just wasted an hour reading ridiculous news items that I don't feel like blogging about. I can tell you that they invented a new tshirt that translates air guitar playing into actual music you can hear on your computer.

NASA lost contact with the Mars probe and some guy India says red rain that fell there is really alien life forms being seeded on earth. Coincidence?

There were a whole bunch of law enforcement agents being busted for stealing from drug dealers and reselling drugs on the streets themselves.

A significant amount of heroin has been seized this week. The biggest haul was 32 kilos in New Milford, CT.

And some 197 drug addicted inmates in the UK were awarded damages by a court for the prison's failure to provide them drugs when they were incarcerated. Each inmate will walk away with about $6,000.

I'll be back later if I manage to stay awake. Maybe I'll be more inspired after a couple of beers.


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