Sunday, November 12, 2006

My house, is teeney, tiny, little pink house....

I've been in kind of funk since I got home. A lot of weird energy in the hood. The old guy across the street died shortly before I returned and there's been an endless stream of people over there ever since, mostly drinking and carrying on. I thought the Jewish custom of sitting shiva was pretty extravagant but they got nothing on these rednecks. I haven't gone over myself, but I'm sorry to see the old guy go. I didn't really get to know him but he sat on the porch a lot and we often exchanged pleasantries when I went to get the mail.

On a brighter note, "my" deer seems to have found a companion. I saw her last night and again this afternoon with a new friend. That cheers me up some. She looked so lonely for few days there.

Meanwhile, I've got a couple to things to post but I have to run out for few minutes so here's a link I thought was interesting. I'm thinking this would be perfect for an old maid like me.


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