Friday, November 10, 2006

Arrgh, get the license plate of that truck....

Traveling did me a world of good but I feel like I got hit by a tractor trailer today. It may have something to do with the fact I didn't eat anything all day except half a slice of really bad airport pizza and slammed down three beers when I got home, on top of the beer I had to slam on the plane. I got that one for free because the attendant forgot to bring it to me until the last minute.

It turned out to be a really cheap trip that way. I didn't have time between flights to hit the airport bars. Usually I have these huge layovers and end up spending too much money in those places. The down side of course, is that I didn't meet a single fellow traveller, but that's an impetus to get out of town more often.

Meanwhile, the ex's house is under renovation and is still very much a work in progress so it was like staying in a construction zone, but it's coming along nicely. My favorite piece of statuary is the naked gas lamp out back. He's got a glass ball thing going on out there that will be really nice when it's finished. I saw a hawk when I was out on the deck admiring it. There was amazing amount of critters out there too, considering it's in the middle of a huge city.

I didn't get to see the great blue heron that was eating the fish. I guess he got discouraged by the netting the ex put up after he ate half the stock. The survivors are a cheerful little lot though. So typical of my ex. The house is in seventeen stages of construction but the first thing he builds is the water feature. He does gets better at it every time though. This pond is his best yet.


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